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The four basic principles of Lequinox platform



The Lequinox®platform combines four essential features; which work together to bridge business policy requirements and the IT infrastructure that enforces them. Connected to the process critical points, they lift digital interactions to the level of compliance and legal assurance required for professional interactions.



With Lequinox, organizations benefit from complete security and control in all their IT processes. It’s easy to authenticate employees, clients and applications based on references; and identity is controlled by individuals, so that only authorized users can sign digitally under a delegated role to access services and applications.

Traceability AND ARCHIVING

Gain complete traceability with Lequinox. Receipts are created for every transaction, which contain detailed information; not only on the action itself, but also on the individual who applied the interaction and when they did so, in accordance with policy. All interacting parties have access to their archive to store receipts.


Lequinox platform provides powerful support for business process control and integrity. Individuals digitally sign their actions and act only within their access levels. This brings a high level of security for both cloud-based solutions and access control management.


All connected individuals and applications can interoperate in different policy environments; including different business policies, industry standards or national legislations.

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Lequinox® Solution for digital financial reporting processes





Know Your Customer is a core prerequisite in the financial markets and it drives activities but it also serves to prevent the theft of identities, money and information. Being able to follow policies, to securely authenticate identities and understand the economic conditions of the customer is important.

A KYC form can be sent to  customers with BankSign or be available on the Internet bank. The parties are securely identified, in many cases as a private person but perhaps also on behalf of a company / fund. The customer fills in the information on the form, sign it and receive a personal copy that is stored in the private database. The Institution also has its own copies to process and store the information properly.



An active form reduces the cost of paper mailings and administration, a significant contribution to both the environment and the economy. In addition to lower costs more time will be available for client meetings.



Active forms reduce the risks of error and secure integrity when digital archives and digital traceability are included.


Receipt of interaction


Non repudiation

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