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In full compliance with regulations and policy



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In full compliance with regulations and policy, setting the ground for a new era of legal assurance in the financial sector

Financial ART Solutions works with counseling. We turn to the decision makers in the financial sector wishing to develop their digital operations and reduce paper handling while reducing administration. ART is a wordplay and comes from Accountability, Responsibility and Traceability, keywords that represent new digital opportunities. ART should be introduced in all our communications. ART has good knowledge of the financial market and access to Lequinox platform, a platform for professional digital communications. Lequinox provides advanced support for digital processes and adds: Encryped communication, advanced digital forms, authenticate users, digital signatures, traceability. When financial institutions are communicating with customers and employees with full security, with clear responsibilities and traceability the cost of compliance is reduced.



Digitalize your process with legal assurance



Providing the foundation for legal assurance in digital

communication for financial services.



We can ensure each digital process, reaching unprecedented heights for secure communications within the financial industry. ART brings the basic conditions for secure communication and secure financial services. Financial institutions are struck by ever-new regulations in an increasingly complex environment and the need to constantly add more resources to cope with regulations, risk, and business needs.

Errors and shortcomings in the management of risk leads to authorities throughout the world to respond with new rules and with potential fines. We support the decision makers in the financial sector by giving them access to the best legal security there is as a base for all digital processes. The core of our solution is the Lequinox platform, with its principles creates compliance and the result is lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. To gain more insights, download the document “Know Your Customer” from HPE or watch the video from HPE.


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Our technology partner Lequa is member of HPE HELION Network through the Lequinox Platform

The INLINE REPORTER application is based on Lequinox Plarform, and executes the complete financial reporting process, secures untampered transfer of financial data, and delivers instantly accessible  and immediately reusable financial information in compliance with various taxonomies.


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